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A gift card for a dining experience is the ultimate gift. You can buy our lovely gift card at each restaurant and it is also possible to get the gift card sent to yourself after a credit card withdrawal over the phone. The best time to buy our gift cards is after 16:00. For the purchase of larger quantities please contact our restaurant Office at Ph. 031 207979 or email to



The Kock & Vin Group is the bon vivant's own little group - five restaurants with different personality and with common roots. Each restaurant has its own profile, but we share the same fervor and enthusiasm. We like to think that's why we often are rewarded with positive reviews and prestigious awards.

The following restaurants are part of the Kock & Vin Group.




Modern Swedish West Coast cuisine.

Casual gourmet restaurant with a Michelin star, International Master Class according to White Guide.

To eat at KOKA is like being on a culinary journey through the Western part of Sweden. We would like to offer you the best raw materials available in our part of Sweden. We let the menu be determined by season and availability.

The interaction between the food and drink is as important as the courses themselves at KOKA. We recommend you to try the drinks menu that is composed to your menu, it will add an extra dimension to your trip.

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Modern restaurant with a clear "West coast" focus in food and drink.

Restaurant Familjen (=family in Swedish) is thought of as an extension of the living room where everyone will feel welcome. Warmth, love and cordiality are some of the values that characterize a visit with Familjen. The idea is that you will feel like part of the family.

At the Familjen, we recommend you to take a look at our special menus. The menus are always based on the best local and organic produce that the season has to offer. The Familjen serves a la carte, but you can also just pop in for a glass and some goodies in our great bar. During the summer we have the loveliest porch in Gothenburg, sheltered from the wind and weather. There is always a reason to visit the family.

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Spisa is Love

At Spisa we cook food with inspiration from the warm areas around the Mediterranean. We love to see friends meet around a table enjoying flavors on the plates and in the glasses.

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Björn's Bar

Downstairs from KOKA lies Björn's Bar, a Mecca for anyone who takes the greatest of pleasures in eating and drinking all those delicacies that make life worth living! Here we serve cured meats, cheeses and a range of delicious prepared dishes. We serve lots of wines in all price ranges by the glass and are available throughout our menu for half an hour before closing every day weekdays to 0:30 and weekends to 02:30.

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At Björn's Bar we have no reservations, so just come by.


Perssons på Kajen

In Bohuslän's most beautiful port Hunnebostrand lies Perssons på Kajen (Persson's on the quay). This is the Group's summer retreat where we enjoy the salty delicacies of Bohuslän, crispy fresh from the sea and land in our neighborhood. Here you will meet many familiar faces from our restaurants in Gothenburg. Naturally we want you to recognize yourselves a little bit from our other restaurants but of course Perssons på Kajen will have its own identity. It is, after all, a summer restaurant and we really want everyone to feel welcome and find something to their liking.
Perssons is a generous restaurant with much warmth and love in an unbeatable environment where the sea meets the land. Here we serve both classic summer dishes as well as more prepared and innovative courses. All tastes and wallets will find their favorites here.

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