Familjen opened its doors in the fall of 2009. After the success of both Kock & Vin and Björns Bar we felt that the time was right to open yet another restaurant, an establishment that would fill the existing gap between our two successful restaurants.

We want Familjen to be an extension of a living room, a room where everybody feels at home. The urban citizen of today spends a lot of time in restaurants and bars, a fact that makes the name Familjen feel very natural to us. Warmth and love is at the heart of your visit. You, as a guest, are part of our family.

We offer modern food from the West coast and we want you to be reminded of the cooking style from Koka, but with a more rustic feel to it. We rely on our acquaintances among the local fishermen, butchers and farmers, and allow their produce to guide us when we compose our menus.
This is the reason why the menus sometimes change with short notice. We hope that you understand that this is in order to always be able to serve the best local produce that our surroundings has to offer.